Samara Canada 

writing and editing support on Samara Canada's spring 2016 report "Cheering or Jeering: Members of Parliament Open Up About Civility in the House of Commons"  


writing and editing a variety of communications materials, including web brochures and reports




private academic client

helping distill a completed Ph.D. dissertation into a book proposal for an academic press  

Office of the Vice Principal, Research - University of Toronto, Scarborough

editing faculty research grant applications in fields such as English Literature and Functional Genomics

Alfred A. Knopf Canada

writing reader's reports and editorial commentary on fiction and non-fiction manuscripts




The Storytelling Workshops - Massey College

teaching creative and reflecting writing to students from the health disciplines at the University of Toronto

Reading for Writers - Junction Writes Workshop

leading a community workshop for writers, based on close reading of four twentieth-century novels




Guirado Estate 

translating exhibition catalogue for Juan Antonio Guirado retrospective: Rebirth - The Third Eye.