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private and public sector

Slingsby and Dixon's private and public sector work includes reports, newsletters, web content, media supplements, and interviews. We have experience in a variety of sectors, including technology, communications, finance, healthcare, and public policy. We offer a variety of writing and editing services, from developmental editing to proofreading, so that we can help you in several ways. Come to us at the beginning and we can bring your rough idea to life; contact us when the project is at a standstill, or buried by your other obligations, and we can get it back on track; call us towards the end and we'll help you perfect your final draft. 

We have over ten years' experience  writing and editing high-quality materials, in print and online, for such organizations as Samara Canada, BlackBerry, Patients Canada, Deloitte, and Random House of Canada.



Slingsby and Dixon offers a variety of writing and editing services tailored to physicians, medical researchers, and health professionals. We edit scholarly articles in medical areas ranging from research to psychoanalysis to nursing, and offer developmental editing services to get larger projects off the ground. We can also assist with commentaries, reviews of literature, editorials, and the like. 

As part of our work with the Health, Arts and Humanities Program at the University of Toronto, we offer training in reflective writing for health practitioners and can assist in book-length non-fiction and fiction projects with a medical basis or theme. We offer similar services to those on the other side of the examination room - patients seeking to reflect on, understand, and find words for their stories of healing and sickness, and advocacy groups working to improve patient experience.   




Slingsby and Dixon's writing and editing services are designed to give lawyers in a variety of areas a straightforward path to high-quality, reliable written documents. We offer editing and writing services for expert witness reports and a variety of documents required for written advocacy. We can also assist with quasi-legal and scholarly writing such as commentaries, reviews of literature, editorials and the like.